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Your Pets.


Your pets have feelings too. They can express their emotions without words, they cannot talk but you can recognize changes in their behavior.  Animals can also suffer from trapped emotions, releasing them is essentially no different than releasing them from a human being.

They respond very quickly and positively to The Emotion and Body Code treatment.  It is fun working with them since they are very sensitive.  The problems animals experience are also caused by their trapped emotions either emotional or physical.  Although animals can’t speak, their bodies understand what I say on the energetic level and can give me the response as easily as a human can. Usually I work with pets long distance (proxy) and that works just as well as having the pet in front of me.

I would love to help your pet(s) if you think he/she is having troubles or have been traumatized by an event.

“I have two dogs that quarrel all the time. I decided to call Gerda to work on them. After a couple of sessions, their fighting stopped. I was blown away at how it worked.”

JoAnne, Ferndale, Michigan

“One of our horses started to be quite bossy and mean to the other horses, when a new horse was boarded. Gerda was able to help her and now she gets along with all the others. Not sure why, but it worked!”

Diane, Oxford, Michigan


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