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“Years of overwhelming sadness are gone. I am so much happier with my life today. So much more at peace with myself and more in touch with what I want.”

Margaret, Minnesota

55 Pounds lighter!
“From the very first phone call, Gerda said to me: ‘Starting right now, believe you can 100%.’ Her expectations of me have been high and shepoundlighter refused to ever lower the bar, and there was no room for all my excuses.
I realized right away that she cared as much about my health as I did. I’ve never known anyone to be as passionate about another person as Gerda is. As we worked together, she encouraged me, educated me, shared with me her own reasons for wanting optimal health; and most of all, she inspired me. She truly cared about me.
I am now 55 pounds lighter and my waist is 8 inches smaller! I have knowledge and skills that I didn’t have before that helped me defeat the food addiction monster.”

Karen, Arizona

One of the best decisions I ever made.
“Making the decision to examine this mode of healing with Gerda was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I started at a time when my life was extremely chaotic and stressful. I was experiencing some life circumstances that I felt were overwhelming and I felt very fearful about possible outcomes of these circumstances.
My experience with Gerda was one that has had a lasting impact on me. I am able to draw upon things that she had told me and use the wisdom to help me make better decisions and to not dwell on negative or fearful thoughts. I am a different person today after working with Gerda using the Emotion Code and Body Code. I am more at peace with myself and the world.
I highly recommend anyone needing transformation and healing to explore this modality and to work with Gerda.”

Sam, California

No longer had to take pain pills!
“My Dear Gerda; Last October began my first session with you. I heard words like shock, horror, resentment, unworthy, sadness, grief and girl-hair-happiness-happy-joy-sun-favim-com-42311more. Emotions and Body Code became more familiar with each session.
I would hear your words and absorb your questions, suggestions and you would say to me, ‘Watch your pain tolerance, give me a number from one to ten,’ and ‘Think energy, everything is possible if you believe…feel the energy.’
I especially remember by the first week of November I was no longer taking my pain pills. And now it’s December, I’m feeling so much better then what I was.
So to you dear Gerda I sing: ‘You are my sunshine, my only sunshine; you make me happy… when skies are grey!’ Thank you so very much. Muchas Gracias!”

Maria, Mexico

This amazing work has helped me more than you know…
“Que sverte conocerte! I can’t thank you enough for bringing such wonderful energy and enthusiasm! You’ve shared amazing knowledge that has helped me more than you will ever know. I feel like I can finally breathe again and I know it will stay with me.
Thank you for being so passionate and FUN! I can’t wait for more to come.”

Jenna, Brazil

I feel like a new person with a fully open heart.
“I have the privilege of working with Gerda Maass, and her work with the Emotion Code changed my life.testimonails6
Gerda is an experienced health-care professional, very clear communicator and gifted practitioner. She is very flexible about making appointments convenient for the client. She worked around my schedule and even had some sessions over the phone. Gerda is very
intelligent, showed great empathy and sensitivity to me and my issues.
I first met Gerda I was able to feel a difference even after the first session; I felt lighter and more open. I could not wait to have more sessions. I had buried emotions including a heart wall and a hidden heart wall. After our work together, I really felt like a new person with a fully open heart. I even felt neutral toward the person who abused me 35 years ago.
I have referred many people who really need her skills. She was also very intuitive and gracious to all of them. I highly recommend working with Gerda’s skills with the Emotion Code and look forward to working more with the Body Code.”

Jeanie, Michigan

I thought I could never get rid of all my early childhood traumas.
Working with Gerda has helped me to release my memories from earlier times in my life.  After the first few sessions I felt a relief – I could breathe deeper and felt happier and “lighter”.

Carla M. N. Zealand