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Heart Wall

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The Heart Wall

What is a Heart Wall?

The Heart Wall is a symbolic wall around the heart and a perfect protection when you need it.

broken-heart A broken heart is due to grief, divorce, hurt, bad childhood memories, stress, anxieties, etc., the subconscious mind builds a wall around the heart using trapped emotions from the past.  This Heart Wall protects you from further pain, hurt and damage but at the same time it keeps you from receiving and giving love, compassion, sympathy, etc.

To have a Heart Wall is like living in a bomb shelter, protecting you from difficult times, but staying in that bunker forever – you would miss all the joy and happiness life can offer. It is imperative to release the Heart Wall in order to live your life to its fullest.


Emotional Effects of a Heart Wall.


1 – Prevents you from receiving and giving love, compassion, etc.
2 – Creates depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions
3 – Causes loneliness
4 – Blocks abundance
5 –  Stands in the way of your success
6 – Causes neck-shoulder and upper back pain
7 – Lowers the immune system
8 – Affects your whole health


Releasing the Heart Wall Emotions.

If the time has come and a Heart Wall is no longer necessary, by releasing each trapped emotion one by one you open the door for a healthier, happier, and more successful life.

My experience is that the body lets us release between 10 and 12 trapped emotions in a single session2a6c8e_9bb14300f4174435b04dd4a6890193c4, depending how long you had the Heart Wall and how thick it was.

According to Dr. Nelson 93% of us have a Heart Wall in our lives, children included.

After releasing a Heart Wall from my clients, almost all of them say “I feel,… I feel,…I feel lighter,” and they immediately show a shift in their posture as they stand straighter and taller. The Heart Wall is gone and they can give and receive love and other emotions again. What a great feeling!

It is well known that the heart is truly the center of our being and the core of who we are.

Thirty-seven-year-old, single, Carla from Peru, had several life issues. I suggested we start with a Heart Wall removal. After a couple of sessions, her Heart Wall was completely gone and she felt ‘lighter’ and happier. Five months later, she told me that she found THE man of her life and was extremely happy and thankful. And so was I for her.


Here is an interesting 8-minute YouTube about the mysteries of the heart.

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