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Health & Vitality

Health & Vitality

Keys to a Fulfilling and Joyous life!


Body imbalances.

It is our fundamental belief that diseases are caused by an imbalance in the energy system of our body.  If the root cause of the problem is not taken care of, treatment may help the symptoms, but the problem will still interfere in your life.


What can be done?

By utilizing the method of The Body Code, underlying causes of these imbalances can be identified and released.

This concept was developed by Dr. Brad Nelson.  He found that when the body’s energy system was brought back into balance, the body was able to start the healing process with ease.

Your subconscious mind is powerful and intelligent.  It knows exactly what you need in order to achieve balance in six key areas of your health.

Using his methods, I apply a natural, holistic approach to health working with all six imbalances of the body, which create diseases.


The 6 areas of Imbalances


Trapped Emotions – Utilizing the simple method of the Emotion Code, we are able to release negative emotional energies that affect your body adversely.  Once these are released, your body can regain balance and heal naturally.

Nutrition & Lifestyle – What we eat and how we live directly affects our health, both mentally and physically.  The Body Code can help us find the areas that need improvement and work to bring them back into balance so true healing can begin.

Misalignment – There is a distinction between imbalance and misalignment with the Body Code system.  Misalignments may overlap with systems, but only happens if there is a misalignment in some way, that interrupts the proper energy flow of the body that adversely affects an area.

System Energy Imbalances – This section is quite complex and includes the Organs, Glands, Meridians, Chakras, Skeletal and Nervous systems.  All the systems of the body are included.  The Body Code can easily find the area that needs attention and determine how to correct the imbalance.

Pathogens – Our body has synergistic relationships with organisms that work to benefit our health.  There are also invading pathogens that can wreak havoc on our health.  Using the Body Code Healing Method, we are able to detect the invaders and formulate a plan to get rid of them.

Toxins – Our body is able to eliminate small amounts of toxins, but never before have we been exposed to so much in our environment that quite literally is harming our bodies.  A Certified Body Code Practitioner can easily detect a problem and determine what needs to be done to correct it.

Health & Vitality are Possible.

Your body has sometimes the ability to bounce back and heal from some kind of stress, trauma, sickness and disease, depending on the right conditions. But the body’s energy systems must be in balance.

Over time, imbalances build up and even with conventional treatment some are never fully resolved. Every kind of imbalances that can affect the body is outlined in The Body Code. I have been trained and certified in The Emotion Code and The Body Code and can help you to get you back into balance.


Are you ready to take action now?