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Free Consultation

30 minutes

Our Complimentary Consultation can be done via email, Skype or Phone. The 30 minute session is designed to answer your questions so you will understand the benefits of this work. We can go over your concerns and set realistic expectations of results. New clients only, limit one per client.


Health and Vitality

50 minutes – $97.00

These sessions are designed to work on a deeper level using the Body Code to find the imbalances that may be at the root cause of your issues. Once found, they can be resolved so true healing can begin.


Health and Vitality

Bundle of 3 – $247.00

Most people have been dealing with their problems for years, so it may take some time before we can get them resolved. Take advantage of the saving 20% with the Bundle of 3. Plan for 50 minutes per session. Must be used within 6 months of purchase date


Heart Wall

3 Sessions – $187.00

Feelings do more than hurt, they can build and interfere with the relationships you have with others. We call this having a wall of emotions around your heart, a Heart Wall. It takes a minimum of 3 sessions to release the many layers of emotions that have built up over time. If a 4th session is necessary, it will be done at no additional cost.


Slim N Trim Plan

3 Months – $747.00

This program is 12 weeks long. We will work together twice a week for 30 minute sessions, beginning with an initial complimentary 30 minute consultation.

Each week during the first session we will work removing the blocks that keep you stuck, and in the second session, we’ll go over dietary changes you can apply for a lasting commitment and achieving success.


Pets Have Feelings Too

1 Session – $67.00

The animals we love can also experience feelings of despair or uncertainty that can affect their behavior. Using the same methods, we can help your pet in areas you are struggling with. Specializing in dogs, but all pets are welcome.

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